about AnniManda HaSims

here we are. at long last. the public demanded it, and we acquiesced. a blog from two of the greatest minds of this generation. a blog that will span 1 hemisphere, 2 countries, and 3 readers. you are welcome. more to come .

about the authors: annie and amanda’s friendship began at mcdonald’s as all great friendships do. annie got a bug in her eye. amanda’s mom removed it. amanda watched. more recently, they did attend elementary, middle, and high school together. amanda watched. even more recently, they shocked the nation with a novella-documentary that was published serially via gmail in their post-college jaunt across the italo-grecian terrain. now that amanda is headed to the great state of paris for a semester of lego building and doodles while annie guards the sunsphere, the charming duo has unveiled a blog to share their lives with each other AND THE WORLD!

about the name: the sunsphere is man’s greatest engineering feat to date. soleil means sun in french.  (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sunsphere)  (http://www.freetranslation.com/)



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  1. perfect for the parent who always wondered.

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