you can’t miss us if we never go away

Hello World,

Have you missed us? It is only to be expected. Mere years ago, we were America’s number one news source, trusted and beloved by the masses, and then we cruelly, pathetically, and unintentionally stopped posting. Well, we’re back like a boomerang and ready to catch you up on what you’ve missed by answering some of the most frequently asked questions from our fan mail during our sabbatical from cyberspace:

Why haven’t you been posting??? What could possibly be more important than this blog read by millions of devoted fans? How are we supposed to get up in the morning?  

~John G. Roberts     Buffalo, New York

John, basically we’ve just been too busy to bother.  We were both unemployed for awhile [a long long while], which made it really difficult to get everything done that we were used to doing at our desk jobs. Then Fanny got engaged and married and started graduate school, and Fred did a lot of odd jobs like paint signs for liquor stores and sell Italian furniture before moving to New York City and getting a fancy adult job (No, not THAT kind of adult job, you know, like one that has a salary and benefits … get your mind out of the gutter, John) ordering Starbucks for her bosses. In answer to your third question, we suggest a coffee machine with an automatic timer, two to four alarm clocks, and a contraption that rains scorpions down on your pillow ten minutes after the alarm sounds.

evidence that things have been busy.

Give us an update! What are your lives like now? 

~Christopher Robin    St. Paul, Minnesotta

Fred is living the bohemian dream in New York City, dying streaks of her hair red, moving across town every few months, spending all her money on concerts and trendy food and attempting to cross every bridge out of Manhattan on foot in 2012.

Fred's foot modeling debut

Fanny is establishing domestic felicity in Charlottesville, Virginia with her husband (torso pictured above) where she is studying social work, cheering on her husband in law school intramural softball games, and making invitations for friends’ bridal showers using Martha Stewart scrapbooking tools.

evidence of making invitations while at an intramurral softball game.

What can we expect from SoleilSphere this time around? How will things be different? Can we learn to trust again? 

~Chris Gaines   Los Angeles, California

Great question, Chris! We’ve decided to mix things up a bit. Even though the name no longer resonates geographically in our lives (Paris to NYC, Knoxville to CVille), we’re sticking with the idea of leading semi star-crossed lives in separate cities. We will issue challenges and topics to one another, answer the questions on each others’ minds (much like Fanny has answered the questions on your mind above), and attempt to blog about our totally normal lives in a terribly lively and innovative way. Pictures will be frequent (though admittedly more domestic), friends will make appearances, and Fanny will wow you with her wively duties. Fred no longer runs a food blog, so you’re spared that blip on your Google Reader, but perhaps eats will be occasionally featured. What insights, dear readers, do you want into our lives? The future of Soleilsphere is yours (but really ours).

Fanny and Fred


~ by soleilsphere on April 18, 2012.

2 Responses to “you can’t miss us if we never go away”

  1. Fanny and Fred-
    I am so glad you’re back. Things have been pretty bleak since your last postings. . . . But now, even as the dark storm clouds of consolidation and despotism hover overhead, your return to the blogosphere reveals a faint glimmer of genuine hope on the horizon.

    -C. Thomas Pin Point, Georgia

  2. Wow! With demands from the Chief, the most famously androgynous Brit-child, and the artist formerly known as Garth, I’m surprised yall held out so long! Nonetheless, I am VERY excited about the return of this blog.
    If you could just see my face right now…
    -Roger B. Frederick, Maryland

    P.S. I find the wedding photo choice to be, at best, questionable.

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