san someone, chile

hola folks,

we are now in san juan/diego/pedro/antonio, chile … i can never remember. hold on let me check… ok, its san pedro de atacama… anyway, wherever we are, its a very charming, hipster-touristy town. all of the one-story adobe buildings look like your average mud and stone flat-roofed huts, but you walk inside and find a North Face store or a trendy restaurant and bar with fire pits, mojitos, and creme brulee. delightful.

today (and by today i mean yesterday…. it wouldn’t post last night) has been the longest day of our lives. but in a good way. we woke up at 3:40 am to catch a 4 am 10 passenger van for the 2 hour ride to see the sunrise over a field of geisers. it was incredibly beautiful and -20 degrees celsius. i lost 2 toes and 3 fingers to frostbite. almost. afterwards we had the chance to get into a hot spring pool, but to absolutely no one’s surprise who knows us, only joe thought it was worth getting wet for 20 minutes in water. on the drive back, we stopped and watched black birds walk across a frozen pond (i’m sure the guide told us we were seeing, but no hablo espanol) and went to a ghost-town of a village where we walked through empty streets and ate llama meat. delicious.

something about this place made me expect to see dinosaurs. we didn't, though.

just before joe got in the pool behind us.

just before joe and sasha were attacked by the smoke monster.

the random llama-meat-filled ghost town where we stopped

the random llama-meat-filled ghost town where we stopped.

joe and david with the black birds on ice.


we came back to our hostel ready for a late dinner and bedtime, but realized it was only 11:30 am. distressing.

the rest of the day was spent playing cards, reading, exploring san wherever-we-are, and trying to determine whether or not we were going to be assassinated when the power went out. the good news is that we all survived. the bad news is that it interrupted  2 minutes of our 30 Rock watching time. disturbing.

tomorrow night we head northwards to PERU on another overnight bus, but i am guessing that ride won’t be fun. i have had a cold the past couple of days that i caught from sasha (it was pretty much inevitable when 2 nights in a row i tried to snuggle up close to her for warmth in the bed we were sharing and woke up to her coughing into my nose), and i am afraid it might hit the boys tomorrow. if that’s the case, we’ll have a very cough-filled, sleepless ride. daunting.

and the latest video from joe…


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  1. When the heck are you coming home?? I love the videos, Joe; I just play them over and over and pretend I’m shuffling through dinky hostels with my college friends and vocally sophisticated boyfriend (not this video, but another gem). Ah, the life: you has it.

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