wedding bells

i’ve been staring at this screen for fifteen minutes trying to think of an useful “look who we got our Hanes on now” joke to work into this post. and i’ve got nothing. anyway, last weekend elisabeth nesbitt became mrs. william hanes in seaside, fl.

the happy couple
the happy couple

i have to admit, i was a little worried about this wedding after the bachelorette party. and then the bridesmaid dresses came in and i really started to panic. i mean, the whole point of a bridal party is to make the bride look extra gorgeous by comparison, but elisabeth picked 10 beautiful, fun girls and dresses that are more interesting than the average bridesmaid dress seemed to flatter everyone. this had potential for disaster. but fear not. on the day of the wedding, elisabeth looked perfect. i don’t think i’d ever seen such a stunning bride. none of the pictures i’ve seen really do it justice, but believe me. she made the rest of us look like drag queens or middle-aged librarians.

wrong purple dress

which one doesn't belong?

this was one of the most fun weddings i’ve been to in awhile. this was in large part due to the fact that both the hanes and the nesbitts are really fun families with really fun friends. it was like a friendly southerners convention. the nesbitts are like a second family to me, so it was great to get to meet some of their extended family and spend time with all the ones i know and love. the hanes are a crazy aunt short of being in a southern movie. william is one of five, and his three older siblings are married with kids. apparently, to be in their family you have to look like you belong in Garden & Gun. everyone is beautiful. everyone has mad swing/shag skills. everyone seemed like they’d be equally comfortable in a tux and a deer stand. one of his uncles told me that he almost didn’t come to the wedding because it was during the last weekend of turkey season.

it was wonderful to see how central both families’ faith is to the families and this wedding. it was clear that this wedding was more than a party, and even more than celebrating elisabeth and william’s love. from the hospitality the nesbitts showed all of the guests, to the toasts at the rehearsal dinner, to the homily william’s brother in law (an anglican priest) delivered during the ceremony, to elisabeth’s attitude about it raining in the rehearsal dinner and the reception, the wedding really was an outpouring and overflowing of Christ’s love.



this is the first destination wedding i’ve ever been to, and i must say, i really liked the idea of being in no one’s hometown. it made the wedding more of a weekend and less of a single event. i think (other than the wedding party) at most weddings, people really only come together for the wedding itself, but at this wedding, all the youngsters went to bud and alley’s every night and the guests spent time together on the day before and after the wedding on the beach. this also made the weekend a wonderful opportunity to kick start my spring tanning and to get sunburned in all those random parts of your body that you forget to put sunscreen on because they have no name: the space above my eyelids but below my eyebrows, the backs of my knees, the chubbyness between my arms and chest that forms armpit cleavage… all the usual suspects.

look how well my burn matches my dress

look how well my burn matches my dress

in other news, i am starting to think about thinking what sort of job i want next year. fredrick, do you have any ideas of jobs that i would like in charlottesville? a brief internet search yesterday turned up wonderful options like asbestos remover at UVA, fashion/swimwear/lingerie/nude model for a photographer who works out of his apartment, and pilot travel center Team Member/Restaurant Manager. so far, the best suggestion has come from jay slagle: “you could just get babysitting jobs off of craigs list until you get murdered.”

the end.


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