What’s My Age Again?

Sorry for being a slacker, but considering 93% of our readership is friends with Amanda, I don’t think you’ve minded too much.

Well in the months and months since my last post, I’ve finally become an adult. That’s right. I turned 23. It’s my opinion that being 22 is like being a freshman in college: even though you’re in college, everyone knows you’re still 90% in high school mentally/emotionally/socially. At 22, people might know that you’re out of college in the Real World, but they still treat you like you’re sleeping in bunk beds and playing beer pong on the weekends. In the weeks leading up to my coming of age, I made significant steps towards adulthood: I bought toilet paper before we ran out for the first time. I used the word “synergy” in a business meeting. That sort of thing.

The big day itself (fyi it was March 9th – and I do accept belated gifts) started off with a bang at 4:22 AM when flashing lights flooded my room like a Dean Hill Rec Center dance party and a loud beeping was accompanied by a voice crying out “There is an emergency in the building. Exit immediately.” In a bleary-eyed haze, I stumbled downstairs. Weighing the odds that Rebecca O’Dell had hired strippers dressed as firemen for an elaborate birthday gift, I went down to watch someone disarm the alarm. And no, Reba was not that thoughtful. Our fire alarm has gone off enough at this point for us to just automatically re-set it and call the alarm company without really checking for a fire. Kind of defeats the purpose of having an alarm when you think about it. Anyway…

From there on, my day only got better. Mostly because of food. I had breakfast at The French Market with Kimberly, Jenna, and the baby in Jenna’s belly. I thought of you, dear Freddy, and wondered if you were eating a gluten free crepe yourself off across the sea. I lunched with mes grandparents on La Costa’s patio (it was the first lunch of the year warm enough for outdoor eating). The office gave me a card and a cupcake. David sent me flowers at work.

After work, I went to Barley’s with some fellow fellows and Jordan. As chance would have it, Barley’s was holding a geographic spelling bee! This was it! My big chance to stick it to Bearden Elementary and redeem myself for the shameful bronze medal I received for misspelling “indent” in the third grade. Our table’s team name was “It’s Annie’s Birthday”, which turned out to be a wise move… the announcer kept encouraging everyone to buy me drinks…. I may make this my team name every time I play trivia. At the first points tally, we were two points behind a table of history grad students. And then they asked us to spell three places in the middle east. All seemed hopeless. We had resigned ourselves to defeat when the miraculous happened: a trivia question from the movie the Hangover. And Jessica “The Ideal Woman” Boyd was on my team. Now, Jess doesn’t just own the Hangover, she has seen it more than most people have heard of it. She recently watched it 5 times in one weekend. So she knew that the baby’s name is Carlos, but his real name is Tyler. Victory. Five Bonus Points. The history nerds wept. We collected our prizes of Yuengling t-shirts and coozies and beneficently sent pieces of cake to all the other tables. (We brought our own cake. I knew this was legal because of the time we went up and asked a table if we could have a slice of their cake shaped like a miller can … do you remember this Freddy? So it was sort of a pay-it-forward-BYOCake-to-Barley’s-situation.)

The day was glorious, indeed. I wore my tie-dyed pink, yellow, and purple dress to work with pink tights. I ate twice the amount that a doctor would recommend. I spelled cities that I had never heard of and won beer swag as a result. I destroyed the only chance of happiness that a table of grad students had in life and then let them eat cake. I was in bed by 11. And to come full circle, I was awoken that night again at 2am with ANOTHER fire alarm. I didn’t get out of bed this time, and quite luckily survived and was not burnt to death.

Although being twenty-three is not all that Blink-182 cracked it up to be, I must say that these past few weeks of adulthood have been quite thrilling. I hope to annoy you by posting lots of anecdotes from them in the next couple of days.

Let me close with a bit of wisdom from Andrew W.K.’s twitter account: “PARTY TIP: Growing up isn’t about getting serious or giving up what you enjoy. Becoming an adult is about becoming a super-child.”

Sorry for the lack of pictures. I keep forgetting to take them.


~ by soleilsphere on April 6, 2010.

3 Responses to “What’s My Age Again?”


    • oh yeah, and on purpose, too! her little biscuits been cookin in there for quite some time. its a girl. they don’t know what they’re naming it yet, but she thinks it has john’s mouth. i think it looks more like ET than john, but i am more not an expert in ultra-sound reading or the shape of john’s mouth.

  2. i just had 3 people stick their head in my office door and ask what was so funny.

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