le prise sans scruple

I’m writing to tell you about something rascalous that I did, something wiley and adulterous, even. Tail between my legs, I approached Fannie with the news, and with arms as wide as those of the prodigal son’s father, she embraced my betrayal with love and joy. Sigh. The merits of a lasting friendship. Anyway, rather than hoard my secrets like a Frenchman and his pack of cigarettes, I’ll beout with it:

I started another blog.

In the name of all that is Procrastination, Food-Blog Obsession, and the Crux of Living Between a Good Market and Le Grand Epicerie (coupled with the fact that my dear grandmother NeNe who signs her voicemails with her name – ‘love, NeNe,’ asked my mom why I talked about food so much on my blog). She doesn’t need any new reasons to be confused, I dont think, so I’m separating the two. Life here, food there… in theory. But let’s be realistic: with me, it’s never going to be that clear-cut. Perhaps this will only complicate things. Nene, if you’re out there, this one’s for you.


~ by soleilsphere on March 24, 2010.

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