je suis ici! ne t’en fais pas!


walking through the louvre never gets old

First things first:major apology for the posting lag (especially since this award-winning blog has so large and avid a readership that I’m probably going to start getting hate mail if I don’t post weekly… atttn: Sophie Staples)… I can’t speak for Annie (though as far as I can tell this “boyfriend” seems to have replaced me), but it’s been a busy week!

For starters, my parents have been in Paris for since last Friday (en route aux Etats Unis maintenant) and I’ve hardly left their presence but for the occasional (er, last minute) homework assignment. In typical Sims family fashion, we played it cool and blended in with the locals, eating and drinking our way through the city one wine bottle at a time; my tolerance has unquestionably quadrupled in the last week. Our favorite all around restaurant, if I can speak for the group, was Mon Vieil Ami, which is a little slate-tabled organic treasure smack in the middle of Ile-Saint-Louis that served us warm veggie salads in a little broth to start our meals and sat us at the community table so that we could eavesdrop on the Frenchies (or, rather, they on us). I admit, dear reader, that I was often this week too enamored with our meals and too wary of seeming even more American than we already are to take any pictures of my food. Alas; you will manage.

my parents are cuter than yours

The Ayres and Mom (where is father?) getting felafel

At a more traditional brasserie a few nights later, I all but licked the plate of a steak tar-tar (you know, the hamburger before it goes on the grill, perhaps you would rather not a photo…) dinner which the waiter mixed in front of us at the table – freshly ground meat, egg yolk, mustard, worstershire, Tabasco, capers, onions, bliss, heaven, and joy – and served with a bowl of crisped potato slices (talk about making the most of being gluten-free). Their friends the wonderful Ayres joined us Tuesday and are still in Paris; I have become accustomed to starting all meals by translating one key word from every dish on the entire menu (canard – duck, poulet – chicken, boeuf – beef, terrine/pate – no mom you don’t like that). Last night, in preparation for my 9 am exam, the five of us had a late dinner and then took the last elevator to the top of la Tour d’Eiffel to see the city lit up. I. Am. Spent. But it was an exceptional vacation from the norm, and they somehow brought the sunshine with them (alas, il pleut encore aujourd’hui).

c'est beau, non?

In other news, I have come to the thrilling conclusion that there is NO BLÉ in macarons (remember that intimate description of the little sugar patties that I provided in a typical bout of food-obsession-con-blogging)? Blé (pronounced BLEGHHHH) is the French word for flour aka gluten, which I absolutely love. Don’t you love that translation? Does this soy sauce have bleggghhh in it because I can’t eat that? bleeegghhh)… sorry. Anyway, macarons are all egg whites and sugar like a meringue. Oh yeah, and that gooey creamy filling, I’ve realized, is butter cream. As in ICING MADE OF BUTTER. Yeah. Anyway I’ve already blogged about this once so I should move on now.

some particularly delicious ones

School is “picking up” which means I finally have homework (love the French education system). For one class, I’m researching gutters for the semester (of any European city I want…this might determine my Spring Break plans… will keep y’all posted). For studio, I’m designing some sort of mini-community-kitchen installation in an artist resident space (yes that is the project I’ve chosen – is anyone surprised?). No, I have no idea how it will turn out, but all it really means is that in the time I don’t spend cooking and eating and blogging about food, I’m researching kitchens. And I say that I don’t have any direction in life… See, Mom, I’m actually taking classes! Alright. I think that’s enough about that.

In unrelated but probably more interesting news, I saw Angelina Jolie (skinny! like soooo skinny and sooo hott!) filming a movie at Place Colette when we were meeting a teacher for a walking tour of the city. We were, like, very close. I’ve stolen these pictures off a gossip website, because after taking a few myself, an angry women (perchance that blond looking creature holding the green umbrella) told me off for trying to take a photo. She said, “I can see you taking pictures!!!” And I said, “Mais, non, I’m just holding my camera…” at which point she walked up to me and pointed directly at the button which said ON on my device. I felt like if she could see me turn my camera on from 10 meters away I deserved to turn it off. This is exactly the scene we saw her filming, in the rain, and a few days later the big tents were back up so there must be a sunny scene in the movie (The Tourist, with Johnny Depp – YES PLEASE).

filming the scene (though apparently the movie is set in London?)

you can't stop people from taking pictures of celebrities, lady

I relayed this sighting to my mother who, in an episode I would have paid to see, saw and indirectly accosted Brad Pitt in the lobby of their hotel. Gauging from mom’s reenactment of their encounter, she saw him a few yards away, pointed, jumped a little, and exclaimed loudly THAT’S BRAD PITT!!!!! At which point he turned to face her, made eye contact (she emphasizes this point), and ran into the restaurant bar. I believe she chased him, but only briefly.

So it just wasn’t dad’s trip I guess. He was out-ordered in every meal, didn’t see anyone famous, and had to pay for everything (as, um, usual, I suppose?)! He did get a bag of Grilled Bacon flavored Lays potato chips that I brought him back from Prague, however. Oh yes. Otherwise, Paris is Paris (deep, I know) and I still never want to leave (though it was AWESOME to see my parents). I bought a used book in Prague called La Seine and am working my way through it bit by bit to savor every drop. It’s a dry British author who wrote the book in the 60’s while hiking the length of the river from its spring to the channel. He talks a lot about cheese and I think we would have been friends. It’s not in French, but it’s about France… does that count?

birthday present for mom I whipped up before they arrived (credit to jonathan miller for the design 🙂 - the new house! And yes there are 2 seasons happening in the same painting - whoops.

I am gleaning a new word every day. Osmosis, my dad says. COME BACK!!

Love, Fred


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3 Responses to “je suis ici! ne t’en fais pas!”

  1. fred! you beat me to the post! you must’ve been posting as i was drafting. lovely photos, though. i do think my parents are every bit as cute as yours. i will post photos to prove this soon.

  2. onSFoweogfuwegb! I miss jeanie and ed! and yes, they are cuter than any parents that ever lived.

    other things your post reminded me of: Bistro Jeanty steak tartar devoured by you and Katy. nom nom miss you.

  3. Several things:

    1) This was definitely one of the best trips ever thanks to your excellent tour-guiding and translation,
    2) I miss you terribly; have fun with John
    3) I DID NOT shout at Brad Pitt, rather exclaimed (repeatedly) in a “loud” whisper to Carole, so that she wouldn’t miss the excitement: “There’s Brad Pitt!!” at which point he ducked his head beneath the collar of his very rumpled pea coat and made out like a bandit. (But yes, we DID make eye contact)
    4) For some reason, you look very French, or maybe you blend very well. Come back to the south soon!!
    5) Thanks Connie for the vote of confidence!
    6) Counting the days until May 🙂
    Love you! fredsmom

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