Inefficiencies and Enigmas

Dearest Pandamanda,

First off, let me tell you that once again you are entirely and incredibly wrong. Practicality and Efficiency are vulgar concepts created by ugly people and Nazis. We are neither. These ladies are both:

kate winslet made a better nazi-ess

kate winslet made a lovelier nazi-ess

Neigh, neigh, pretty pony. Nay Nay. We are Artists. Creators. Visionaries. We should be concerned with concepts like Beauty, Freedom, and Freeloading Off of Parents. People like us don’t ask questions like “Does this make sense?” or “Will this serve a purpose?” We buy pet tigers for our infants. We build houses with names like “Neverland” or “Graceland.” We change our names to those of Roman goddesses. We adopt children who already have parents in third world countries. We blog. And we don’t apologize for it.

So go ahead. Build a skyscraper out of starter logs: when it combusts, say that it was a statement about our economic situation. Construct a school that is suspended from tree limbs and made of glass: it will elevate and lend transparency to our education system. Design a cruise ship carved entirely out of ice: the Titanic of the future.

These are the feats for which history will remember us.

Vive la resistance,



~ by soleilsphere on January 28, 2010.

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