Vegetarians and Videos

the glowing bodies

the glowing bodies

Dear Fred,

Of course, there are many tales of intrigue and romance that I could tell you from this past weekend of my life. I could recount the multiple times I ran into Crista Currie or talk about the day that I never left my building, but perchance the highlight of my weekend was hearing Abigail Washburn play at The Glowing Body on Saturday. Abigail is one of the artists who we manage, and so the most wonderful thing about this post is that it will come up on the Google Alert that goes to my account whenever someone mentions her name in a blog. Isn’t that exciting? Anywho, we had a potluck dinner and then she played songs for her new album.  Because this was in a dippily hippy yoga studio, I brought a vegetarian dish. So did just about everyone else. I guess we were all trying to be cool. Except one brave soul who brought a bucket of KFC. She is my hero of the week. Anywhowho, the music was great and has me really excited about her new album. Here are some photos that capture the visual magic:

abigail and her husband bela fleck

abigail and her husband bela fleck

abigail and kai welch who has been playing with her recently

abigail and kai welch who has been playing with her recently

And here is some audio-visual magic (from her last band/project Abigail Washburn and The Sparrow Quartet… Béla was in that one):

Ok, enough about that.

Tonight, as all the Fellettes were watching The Bachelor, I felt my brain slowly turning into maple and brown sugar oatmeal. In order to counteract that act of terror, I made a collage to send to you. And then I wrote a letter on the back out of magazine clippings because The Bachelor is the longest show on television. And then I cut the letter/collage up into puzzle pieces to mail you one at a time over the coming weeks. And then I thought, “Hey, I should blog about this so that all of her other friends know that I am such a cooler/better friend than they are.” And so I did that. And then, I created what is sure to win the Oscar for best film whose entire process from screenplay writing  to worldwide distribution took only seventeen minutes (as soon as they introduce that category in the academy). Behold:

And who said nothing good came from watching reality TV?

Wow. My posts are getting to a weirdness level that means that I’m glad I haven’t told any of my friends about this blog, and I’m sorry we have so many friends in common. And I definitely won’t forward this on to my boss when it comes up in my Abigail Washburn Google Alert.

Lala salama,



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2 Responses to “Vegetarians and Videos”

  1. I felt bad cuz Amanda had some comments and Annie didn’t so I decided to leave a reply so Annie’s feelings wouldn’t be hurt that Amanda had comments and she didn’t. Also so I wouldn’t have to pay for years of counseling.
    I’m not sure whether to be proud of Annie for making such a cool video while watching the Bachelor or ask for my money back from Princeton.

  2. Fannie! Your work experience is paying of! I hope to see the famous puzzle when we make the trek over there in a few weeks. Wish you could go too! And fanniesdad, do you suppose the architectural productions pictured above are going to lead to a career? or should WE request a refund?

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