Ebenezers and Ebullience

Fredrick my Heart,

This morning I woke up and found one of the sequins from your black sparkly skirt stuck to my face.

i bet you've been looking for this

i bet you've been looking for this

This is a minor miracle because you slept on the couch, and I’ve actually bought new sheets since then, but I figured it was a sign that I should probably blog today.

Finding that tiny ring of shimmering darkness started me thinking. Was it really only two weeks ago that you were crushing up Tostitos on my fold out couch? Then I got un peu triste to think how long it’ll be till you have a Wake Up Call here again. Then I wondered, will my dear Fred be the same once she’s been Frenchified?

This seems like an excellent question to open up to our massive readership and use the poll feature on wordpres.

So, Friends, Families, Creepy Old Men who Read Strangers’ Blogs:


Your biggest Fanny


~ by soleilsphere on January 23, 2010.

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