The Novella-Documentary in Five Parts


With a little help from our hestitant parents, our savings accounts, and one David Thorpe the Fifth of Birmingham, Annimanda spent a few jolly and entirely unplanned weeks of last summer traversing the Italian countryside, hand-in-hand at all times.

One might have called it “backpacking,” but Annie’s cunning decision to weild a troublesome and rolling/dragging pink suitcase across every train station and hostel staircase would suggest otherwise. Ever fearful of being stereotyped as young and naive American tourists, the duo resorted speaking the King’s English at all times and somehow successfully (?) avoided contact with any fellow “native american” on their journey. Call it antisocial if you like; we call it love.

Admittedly, we barely made it all the way from Florence to Athens for our departing flights, impeded in large part by idle drinking in Florence for one too many days with David, an intriguing impluse to abandon travel and move to Elba with him for 2 weeks, and copious amounts of carbohydrate intake that made us nearly unfit for travel of any variety. Our glorious passage was commemorated in a few lengthy and subtly wit-laden emails to friends and family compiling the aforementioned novella-documentary in five parts (I – V). So here it is:


~ by soleilsphere on January 7, 2010.

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