I. Today! (Sienna, Italy)

Date: Wed, 24 Jun 2009 13:10:42

Mommies (and David),

Today, in order to defend America, we have only publicly spoken in British accents. We’ve been struck by phenomenal good luck, as every train station or bus stop we encounter tends to have the perfectly directed train waiting for us to go exactly at the right moment where we want to go (I.e., Florence train to Sienna, Sienna orange bus to Sienna city center, city center bus 3 to stah see oh nay, and the train from sienna to Chiusi which will *hopefully* have a train waiting for us to go to rome.
Everyone loves and understands us. As always. We are giving the Queen a good name.

Highlights: for FREE we saw St. Catherine’s head and index finger enshrined (as they should be) in her church in sienna. Homeade pasta at a rick stevian recommended dinery for lunchy. Nom nom. An official public tourist restromm (.50 euros-we took a photo). I now owe annie 32 euros because the atm doesn’t let you overdraw more than 300 euros. I’m buying dinner next time.

Also, we have *somewhat* solidified future plans (for the week, not the long term life goals we continue to be asked about at this age), which include: ROMA, the Amalfi Coast, an overnight fairy (with pixie dust!!!!) To Greece, and the island of Corfu, which we plan to conquer before stopping by the Acropolis (Patmos, where John wrote revelation, is simply too far).

Many loves,



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